Latino Activists Face Death Threats in Georgia

Threats of death and lynching that used to be directed at civil rights leaders in the 1960s are now being targeted at immigrant rights activists in Georgia…

~Atlanta Latino

“Less than a week after Rich Pellegrino called a group of human rights organizations together to protest the sale of a racist T-shirt, he received a shocking death threat at the door of his home.”

Immigrant Africans Push for Recognition, Services

From the outside, parking garage attendant Kobina Azhir looks like an American-born Black man…

~The Chicago Defender

There are approximately 582,000 Mexican immigrants living in metropolitan Chicago, compared to just 23,000 African immigrants. Africans come to America to flee political instability, pursue education, or establish a better life.

…rise in hate crimes against hispanics

Obama: Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs responsible for rise in hate crimes against hispanics

~Huffington Post

“A certain segment has basically been feeding a kind of xenophobia. There’s a reason why hate crimes against Hispanic people doubled last year,” Obama said. “If you have people like Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh ginning things up, it’s not surprising that would happen.”

Respecting – And Recognizing – American D.N.A.

An amazingly dumb essay extolling that American superiority is encoded in our DNA except for those who are descended from slaves. The first link is the article; the second a rebuttal.

Respecting – And Recognizing – American D.N.A.

“…two respected professors of psychiatry have recently come out with challenging books that contend that those who chose to settle this country in every generation possessed crucial common traits that they passed on to their descendants.”

and the rebuttal:

Michael Medved says something dumb

“[Michael Medved] has declared American superiority to be genetic, encoded in our good old American DNA. Because our ancestors were immigrants, who were risk-takers, who were selected for their energy and aggressiveness. Oh, except for those who are descended from slaves.”


NY Immigrants’ Children Find Better Lives

Immigrants’ Children Find Better Lives, Study Shows

~The New York Times

But the study also warned of problems that could block upward mobility for members of the “second generation,” including persistent poverty and poor school performance among Dominicans and racial discrimination against black immigrants from the …


66 years later, 449 Japanese-American students honored in ceremony

~University of Washington Daily

Japanese-American students receive honorary degrees 66 years after internment…


Immigration agency plans new family detention centers

~The Los Angeles Times

The federal ICE, which already runs two such facilities, is taking bids for as many as three more. Critics say detaining families is punitive and unnecessary.






‘Curious’ shirt choice

‘Curious’ shirt choice

~The Boston Herald

The Curious George cartoon character is getting dragged into the presidential race again in an ugly way…


Racism: An Unbiased Entity Alive and Well In America

~Digital Journal

As the political race narrows and the fight for the candidacy becomes more like a verbal MMA cage-fight, racism and discrimination are beginning to surface more often. But in America, it isn’t just a white thing. Racism itself is an unbiased entity.


The Deeper Racism in Iowa: Beneath the White Obama Craze

~The Black Agenda Report

“Much of his white support was premised on Obama being a ‘good,’ that is non-threatening, middle-class, academic-friendly, and ‘not-too fiery’ black.”


How to be anti-racist in a nut shell

~Fairfield Echo

An outline to help navigating Courageous Conversations about Race…


Lutherans Responding to People Affected by Iowa Immigration Raid

~ELCA News Service

Members of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Postville, Iowa, are responding to the needs of people who have been affected by a May 12 federal immigration raid at a Postville meat processing plant.


Does illegal immigration lead to more crime?

~St Charles Journal

Some recent studies by pro-immigration groups have indicated that there is no link between crime and undocumented immigrants.