‘Curious’ shirt choice

‘Curious’ shirt choice

~The Boston Herald

The Curious George cartoon character is getting dragged into the presidential race again in an ugly way…


Racism: An Unbiased Entity Alive and Well In America

~Digital Journal

As the political race narrows and the fight for the candidacy becomes more like a verbal MMA cage-fight, racism and discrimination are beginning to surface more often. But in America, it isn’t just a white thing. Racism itself is an unbiased entity.


The Deeper Racism in Iowa: Beneath the White Obama Craze

~The Black Agenda Report

“Much of his white support was premised on Obama being a ‘good,’ that is non-threatening, middle-class, academic-friendly, and ‘not-too fiery’ black.”


How to be anti-racist in a nut shell

~Fairfield Echo

An outline to help navigating Courageous Conversations about Race…


Lutherans Responding to People Affected by Iowa Immigration Raid

~ELCA News Service

Members of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Postville, Iowa, are responding to the needs of people who have been affected by a May 12 federal immigration raid at a Postville meat processing plant.


Does illegal immigration lead to more crime?

~St Charles Journal

Some recent studies by pro-immigration groups have indicated that there is no link between crime and undocumented immigrants.