The Myth of Color-Blindness

Barack Obama’s success…far from disproving white power and privilege, confirms it with a vengeance.

…Whiteness is not seen as negative, as something to be conquered or transcended. Indeed, whereas blacks are being asked to rise above their racial identity, for whites, the burden is exactly the opposite: the worst thing for a white person is to fail to live up to the ostensibly high standards set by whiteness…


The Problem Isn’t "Race," It’s Racism

The NYT rehashes the Democrat’s “southern problem”


The problem is not that Barack Obama is an African-American…The problem is that many older voters (not all, of course) in the South are racist. They are the problem. So rather than pointing at Barack Obama, or Northern Democrats, or the “issue of race,” let’s point at racism and racists.

Study shows blacks don’t share similar views of world

study provides a nuanced portrait of black Americans’ social views

~USA Today

“We’ve always known what’s happening in the white sector,” says Bess, a 56-year-old onsultant in New York City, “but they (whites) have no idea who we are, what we’re about. … My mother may take one position and I take another and my brother takes another. You have to talk to the segments of our community.”

Indians Split on Whether Change Is Coming

Tribal members don’t think their vote will matter.

“It’s a daily struggle to get through 24 hours,” Gilbert said. “OK,” she added, pausing, “you’re asking me to vote. Vote for what? … I can’t even get milk, food and now gas.”

…presidents have not followed through on promises concerning Native issues. She cited struggles on the reservation and said votes can make a difference. Voting may not be a top priority, but Natives must take it seriously, she added.

Same old thing – the politics of hate mongering

Nader Deals from the Bottom of the Race Card Deck

~New America Media

Nader accused Obama of saying and doing nothing to threaten the white power structure. If Nader had stopped there he might have opened up a reasoned debate on whether Obama panders to corporate interests…He asked rhetorically, “Is it because he wants to talk white?”

3 in 10 Americans Admit to Race Bias

Survey Shows Age, Too, May Affect Election Views

~Washington Post

“…nearly half of all Americans say race relations in the country are in bad shape and three in 10 acknowledge feelings of racial prejudice…”

In a case of telling us what we already know, the Washington Post-ABC News poll lets us in on the nation’s little “secret”: race prejudice exists in the US.