Same old thing – the politics of hate mongering

Nader Deals from the Bottom of the Race Card Deck

~New America Media

Nader accused Obama of saying and doing nothing to threaten the white power structure. If Nader had stopped there he might have opened up a reasoned debate on whether Obama panders to corporate interests…He asked rhetorically, “Is it because he wants to talk white?”

Rush Limbaugh Attacks Black Katrina victims and praises Whites as the Floods hit.

According to Rush the story of Iowa is about how much more patriotic the white bread basket is than the lazy south

~Crooks and Liars

“Limbaugh could not pass up the opportunity to once again trot out his old, well known disdain for poor blacks in the south who were victims of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. To hear Limbaugh describe it, Iowa is more American, more honorbale… you know… more white than Louisiana.”

famed scientist claims: ‘black people are less intelligent’

The Science of Racism

~The Root

Last November, Nobel Prize winning physicist James Watson started a firestorm when he claimed that black people are less intelligent than white people.

The 79-year-old geneticist said he was “inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa” because “all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours – whereas all the testing says not really.”. He said he hoped that everyone was equal, but countered that “people who have to deal with black employees find this not true”.

This week, The Root, published an interview in which Editor-in-Chief Henry Louis Gates Jr. spoke with Watson as he attempted to clarify his views about race and genetics. Below are the links to the transcript along with an introduction by Mr. Gates.

The Science of Racism

TRANSCRIPT–Henry Louis Gates Jr., James Watson


Rachel Ray: terrorist sympathizer?

In another case of racism run amock, Dunkin Donuts pulled an ad because Rachel Ray is wearing a keffiyeh. Far be it from us to enjoy another culture’s fashion without upsetting the neo-cons of this nation.

Ray Is Latest Celeb Accused of Ara-fashion


Dunkin’ Donuts has dropped an online ad featuring celebrity chef Rachael Ray wearing a scarf that some critics say is symbolic of terrorism. The fringed, black-and-white-checked wrap is being compared to the keffiyeh, a traditional Arab headdress.

Racism needs to stay in light

Racism needs to stay in light

~Chicago Tribune

“Race always percolates just below the surface of American politics, but in this election year it is bubbling up more and more.” This is the first sentence of Timothy McNulty, the Chicago Tribune’s Public Editor, response to the outrage that has arisen due to Kathleen Parker’s May 14 column, “Getting Bubba”. In her May 14 column, Kathleen Parker issued a thinly veiled defense of racism in which she uses the phrase “full-blooded American” to refer to John McCain while reminding everyone of Barak Obama’s mixed heritage.


Different Standards for Black and White Preachers

Much has been said — many of the statements are incredibly stupid and just plain wrong — regarding the Rev Jeremiah Wright’s sermons. Unfortunately, we are operating under different standards when it comes to white pastors.

Below are some links relating the incendiary and just plain dumb statements made by the a variety of white pastors — including John McCain’s “spiritual guide” who has said that Christians have been placed on this planet to eradicate Islam.

McCain Backer Hagee Said Hitler Was Fulfilling God’s Will (AUDIO)

~The Huffington Post

“John Hagee, the controversial evangelical leader and endorser of Sen. John McCain, argued in a late 1990s sermon that the Nazis had operated on God’s behalf to chase the Jews from Europe and shepherd them to Palestine. According to the Reverend, Adolph Hitler was a ‘hunter,’ sent by God, who was tasked with expediting God’s will of having the Jews re-establish a state of Israel.”

Note: McCain Finally Rejects Hagee Endorsement

McCain’s Spiritual Guide: Destroy Islam

~Mother Jones

“Senator John McCain hailed as a spiritual adviser an Ohio megachurch pastor who has called upon Christians to wage a ‘war’ against the “false religion” of Islam with the aim of destroying it.”

Different Standards for Black and White Preachers


Summarizes what several white pastors — those that have endorsed McCain — have said.

White Liberal Blogger Depicts Michelle Obama Being Lynched

Just goes to show you that even the liberal folks, those that profess to be all about racial equality, have no idea how wrong and insulting these things are. We have a long road ahead of us as we seek to correct these “misunderstandings”.

White Liberal Blogger Goes Too Far, Depicts Michelle Obama Being Lynched


“Barack Obama already asked his opponents to lay off his wife, and now, it seems he may need to tell his supporters the same thing. A DailyKos contributor, ONECITIZEN, created this horrible image of Michelle Obama being lynched by the Ku Klux Klan in an attempt to illustrate the ways Barack Obama’s opponents were using statements made by his wife against him in his campaign for president.”