african-american experience

A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr
James M Washington, HarperOne, 1990
ISBN: 0060646918
A Testament of Hope contains Martin Luther King, Jr.’s essential thoughts on nonviolence, social policy, integration, black nationalism, the ethics of love and hope, and more.

The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told to Alex Haley
Malcolm X, Ballantine, 1987
ISBN: 0345350685
The Autobiography of Malcolm X provides a searing depiction of the deeply rooted issues of race and class in America and remains relevant and inspiring today. Malcolm X’s story would inspire Alex Haley to write Roots, a novel that would, in turn, define the saga of a people.

From Slavery to Freedom: A History of African Americans
John Hope Franklin, Knopf, 2000
ISBN: 0375406719
This is the dramatic, exciting, authoritative story of the experiences of African Americans from the time they left Africa to their continued struggle for equality at the end of the twentieth century. This definitive history gives us a vividly detailed account of the journey of African Americans from their origins in the civilizations of Africa, through their years of slavery in the New World, to the successful struggle for freedom and its aftermath in the West Indies, Latin America, and the United States.

James Baldwin: Collected Essays
James Baldwin, Library of America, 1998
…a comprehensive collection of Baldwin’s most memorable prose regarding the civil rights movement.  Clear in voice and vision, the essays communicate the emotions of an entire historical movement …truly as thought-provoking today as they were some 30 years ago.

Look, A Negro!
Robert Gooding-Williams, Routledge, 2005
ISBN: 041597416X
Imaginatively and impressively unpacks fundamental questions around issues of race and racism. Inspired by Frantz Fanon’s famous description of the profound effect of being singled out by a white child with the words “Look, a Negro!,” his book is an insightful, rich and unusually wide ranging work of social criticism. These essays engage the themes that have centrally occupied recent discussion of race and racial identity, among them, the workings of racial ideology (including the interplay of gender and sexuality in the articulation of racial ideology); the viability of social constructionist theories of race; the significance of Afrocentrism and multiculturalism for democracy; the place of black identity in the imagination and articulation of America’s inheritance of philosophy; and the conceptualization of African American politics in post-segregation America.

There is a River: The Black Struggle for Freedom in America
Vincent Harding, Harvest/HBJ Book, 1993
ISBN: 0156890895
A great black river surges in opposition to the powerful currents of slavery and racism: This is black history — American history — boldly and triumphantly redefined.

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