sacred dialogue

Sunday, May 18, 2008 was the commencement of a Sacred Dialogue on Race and Racism. On that day, the Metropolitan Chicago Synod, the ELCA and our ecumenical partners began a conversation on the state of racism and antiracism in our church and society.

Dialogues on race and racism are never easy. However, this sacred dialogue is the beginning of a conversation that we hope will engender a deeper sense of understanding and trust.

A sacred dialogue enables us to jointly obliterate the fear and resentment that is ever-present when the topic of racism is broached.

A sacred dialogue provokes meaningful and fruitful conversations regarding the formation of antiracist identities; regarding the eradication of the depressing, debilitating and hopeless state that is racism.

As this dialogue progresses, this website will be a repository for resources* to assist you on this most personal of journeys. is the place to come when you need assistance as you grow in your antiracist identity; it is the place to come to for an ever expanding set of resources that will assist your congregation, family or organization as you plan your own “sacred dialogues”.

Sunday, May 18, 2008 was only the beginning! It was the start of a transformative process for our Church. We encourage you to begin thinking about how you can contribute to this conversation during the coming months and years.


We welcome you to the conversation!